The library has 6full time staff. Out of this, there are nine Library professionals, seven administrative officers and other supporting staff. The following are the names of the library's senior staff and the sections/responsibilities assigned to them.  If there are any questions or information to know from them regarding the library or their particular section's official procedure each of them can be contacted individually by clicking the person's name or case of confusion whom to contact please e-mail to:  




Section / Responsibility


Mrs. Sita Sharma

Associate Librarian


Overall Activities


Mr. Indra Prasad Adhikari

Associate Librarian


TUCL Activities


Mr. Purna Lal Shrestha

Associate Librarian

Overall Administration


Mrs. Indira Ghimire (Koirala)

Associate Librarian Technical Processing, Readers service, Nepal Collection and Special Collection


Mrs. Lunashree Upadhyaya

Deputy Librarian

Technical Section and UN Section


Ms. Radhika Maiya Bajrachaya

Deputy Librarian

Periodical Section Cataloguing, Classification


Mr. Dilip Man Sthapit

Deputy Librarian

Cataloguing, Classification, Internet, E-mail, A/V, Non-print materials



Mr. Lal Bahadur Chouhan 


Deputy Librarian

Transfer to Tribhuvan University Mahendra Ratna Campus Library, Tahachal, Kathmandu


Mrs. Sima Giri

Library Officer

Technical Section


 Mr. Kamal Bahadur Kayastha

 Asst. Administrator  ISBN Section

National ISBN Agency


Mr. Rabindra Maharjan

Asst. Administrator

Acquisition Section




Mrs. Roshani Khayeargoli


Asst. Administrator

Technical Section

End Processing


Himal Rupa Ghimire


Asst. Administrator

Circulation Section




Mitha Ram Dhakal

Asst. Administrator