To process the request to access e-resources from TU Central Library, please fill-up the following form from the link provided below.

  1. पुस्तक छापिनुपूर्व नै ISBN लिनुपर्नेछ ।
  2. त्रि.वि.

Dear Valued Library Users,

Since the lock-down is in effect and considering the valuable time of our library users being spent at home for want of quality reading materials, the TUCL feels obliged to share some of the web links to browse through and get access to e-resources for free.

As mentioned in our previous notice, the T.U. Central Library was kept closed from Chaitra 10-21, 2076 (March 23rd-April 3rd, 2020) following a decision made by Tribhuvan University due to the pandemic effect and exponential growth of Coronavirus disease (COVID-19). And now, since Nepal Govt. has extended the nationwide lockdown time period, and considering the graveness of the present situation, THE LIBRARY WILL CONTINUE TO REMAIN CLOSED UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE!

The inconvenience caused therefrom to our valued users is highly regretted.

Thank you!

Purna Lal Shrestha,

With the objective of giving appropriate information in a timely manner to our visors, TUCL has launched a new website. The website is totally dynamic allowing library personnel to constantly populate timely information. We intend to use our new website to give timely information on TUCL offers, services and important notices to our valued visitors. Please feel free to post your feedback on our email at