Information Literacy Unit Service

Although TUCL has been conducting Library Orientation Programme for quite a long time to the students of Central Departments of University Campus. The programme was limited library literacy only. The objective was to make them familiar with the library. So those new students are able to retrieve documents of their interest from the library. Because of the several barrier of information one library as resources are not enough to meet the information requirement of users. If one conceives the World as information Center/System, users must have the skill to retrieve the information from worldwide, which is scattered, in different location in different format. The skill acquired in Library orientation programme is not enough to retrieve the information from worldwide. Therefore, need of information literacy Unit at TUCL was felt to produce information literate graduates who complete their Master Degree from University Campus. The information Literacy Unit at TUCL started in July 2002.

The objective of the Unit is to provide information to users from electronic resources available at TUCL as well as from abroad. And, to impart information literacy skill to users practically, so that when they go to their work place, they are able to retrieve information of their interest from all over the world using all kind of resources.

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