Events & Programs at TUCL

Events and Programmes at TUCL is a records of activities organized at/by TUCL. Some programmes are sponsored by National /International agencies, Embassies. We express our sincere thanks to all who helped us to grow at the present state and hope their cooperation and assistance continuously. This heading provides information to all those interested on us and maintain brief chronological history of our activities. We would be delighted to response to your further enquiry.

Event date Activities No. of Participants Financial assistance Donation of Books Remarks
Organization of training course on development of digital library for librarians and information mangers from Dec. 19, 2005 to 21st Feb. 2006. 12
Organization of INASP Workshop on Working Together to Support Research: Optimizing the use of e-resources 19
Honored by TUCL Staff Union to the 4 staff of TUCL who had served the T.U. and TUCL for 30 years. (Mr. K.M. Bhandary, Librarian, Mrs. Bina Vaidya, Deputy Librarian, Mr. Chiranjibi Neupane, Deputy Librarian, Mr. Madan Singh Maharjan, Typist 'Kha')
Organization of exhibition on United Nations, N.Y.
Purchase of 189 volumes of books on gender and women with financial assistance Rs.3,00000 from Oxfam G.B. Nepal
Presentation of the biggest original geological map of Nepal to TUCL by Dr. Katrin Hagen. The map is prepared by late Dr. Toni Hagen
Regmi Research Pvt. Ltd. collection of Late Dr. Mahesh Chandra Regmi was donated to TUCL by his son Mr. Suresh Chandra Regmi. 1070
Dr. Satish Prawashi, USA donated books on Sociology to the library2 755
Presentation of microfilm equipments including microfilm camera, readers, processors, scanner, printer, cabinets and also the binding equipments. The cost of all these equipments is of thirty one million three hundred thousands Yen (Y 31,3000,000) equival
Mr. Krishna Mani Bhandary, Chief Librarian of TUCL participated in PERI Review and Country Peer Review Meeting in Dare Es Salaam University Tanzania Aug. 30-31 Africa Sept. 1-3, 2004 Nepal / Oct. 11-14, 2004 Oxford, UK Nov. 2-6, 2004 Ghana