International Development Research Centre (IDRC)

IDRC has supported TUCL to start the Academic Course in Librarianship in Nepal. Under the programme two years training programme as a Pilot study for academic course was conducted. Upon completion, of this training programme IDRC supported for Nepal Collection Projects under the project following programme are completed for details of the project please  refer to: Karki, Kalpana : A study of Nepal Collection of Tribhuvan University Central Library, A thesis submitted to Central Department of Library and Information Science, 2008.

IDRC has supported to TUCL from 1992 - 1995 for Nepal Automation Project to Develop Machine Readable Bibliographic Record of 13,000 titles from Nepal Collection.

Following technical tools are developed as a technical guidance to start the activity.

  1. List of Subject Headings in Nepali.
  2. Area Code for Nepal.
  3. Author Table Index for Nepali Names.
  4. List of Subject Headings in English

After the completion of the project to TUCL continued to create the database of the newly acquired books. Currently we have more than 46,000 records in our Database