INASP, PERI in Nepal

Tribhuvan Uiversity Central Library (TUCL) is the national coordinating institute for International Network for the Availability for Scientific Publication (INASP). INASP, a programme under International Council for Science (ICSU) was established in 1992 to provide access to scientific information particularly to the developing nations.

Programme for the Enhancement of Research Information (PERI) is one of the important programmes of INASP. After PERI’s implementation, Nepalese researchers, scientists, students, graduates, professors, scholars and all those interested in science and technology will have access to Full Text database of world’s more than 25,000.00 high-quality scientific journals. Likewise, they will have a full access to contents,abstracts from  25,000.00 scientific journals.
The PERI has been introduced  implemented in  many countries to reduce the digital divide between the developing and developed countries.

Guidelines to Access PERI Resources

Infrastructure Requirement

-         Computer Latest Model

-         Internet Access Wide Bandwidth

-         Basic Skill of Computer Operation

Your Institution Registration Process for PERI Resources

1st Steps:

1                   Internet Connect

2                   Open Internet Browser and Type the following URL in the Address Bar.


4                   Select BROWSE by COUNTRY

5                   Select any RESOURCES

6                   Select ADD MY INSTITUTION and complete and submit form

 COUNTRY COORDINATOR will approve this application and get an e-mail inviting to register for the resources

 Registration  Process for each resources

2nd Steps:


2.                Select BROWSE by COUNTRY

3.                Select Nepal

4.                Select the resources you wish to register

5.                Select YOUR INSTITUTE from the list of Institutions

6.                Read and accept the license

7.                Confirm and submit your form

 After a week or so, you will receive User ID and Password for each resource you have registered. 


Please type following website Address (URL), then you will ask to type your user ID and Password. Then you are allowed to search the Full Text Database.